Great Companies Believe In People.
Who are your most important customers? It might not be who you think. Your most important customers are your employees… nobody else comes even close. That’s why at Multiplier, we help business leaders build irresistible work cultures that attract and retain difference-making employees. We help you multiply talent and mobilize people to achieve greater results. Companies that create an infrastructure for the growth of people can achieve a sustained competitive advantage.
Is yours a great company?

Multiplier helps tech startups build amazing sales teams. With extensive experience and expertise in tech industry recruiting, sales, sales coaching, and learning & development, our primary focus is sales effectiveness and employee experience design. We can help you attract, hire, onboard, train, develop and grow your human capital revenue.

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Coaching training for business leaders
Employee Experience Design
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Hannah Bratterud
Consultant & Sales Coach
For more than two decades, I have been developing and refining my approach to designing exceptional employee experiences. My training as an organizational psychologist combined with extensive work experience in multiple industries across the U.S. has proven to me that the key to achieving real differentiation in the marketplace is putting people first in business.

I founded Multiplier Consulting Group in 2017 to help companies achieve stronger sales results and build better teams by investing in their most important customers: their employees. To compete in today’s marketplace, companies need people who are creatively empowered, who continue to learn and grow, and who are engaged and loyal. This can be achieved with the right focus and strategy.

In addition to studying human behavior in organizations and working with leaders to increase sales and grow their teams, I enjoy applying these principles in non-professional capacities as well. From dancing Argentine tango to teaching girls’ and women’s empowerment workshops, I apply the people-first approach in my local community.
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